Dagesh Rules

Game Types and Rewards

  • Matches types:
    • 4 Players 4 Cards
    • 4 Players 8 Cards
    • 6 Players 4 Cards
    • 6 Players 5 Cards
  • Each match has entry fees and rewards based on players’ amounts as follows:
    • 4 Players
      • Entry fees 10,000 chips – Reward 30,000 chips
      • Entry fees 50,000 chips – Reward 150,000 chips
      • Entry fees 100,000 chips – Reward 300,000 chips
    • 6 Players
      • Entry fees 15,000 chips – Reward 60,000 chips
      • Entry fees 60,000 chips – Reward 240,000 chips
      • Entry fees 120,000 chips – Reward 480,000 chips
  • All players start with the same amount of chips (Amount a player starts with = entry fees)
  • The first player to reach 100% wins the match (100% = Reward amount)

Example: Entry fees 10,000 chips / Reward 30,000 chips
All players start with 10,000 chips
First player to reach 30,000 chips win the match

How to Play

The first player to start betting is the one on the right of the dealer

  • A player places a bet based on the power of the hand
  • The player has two options, bet or fold
  • The player with the highest bet will be labeled with a boss tag
  • The highest bet equals the entry fees.

Example: The entry fee is 10,000 chips
Highest bet = 10,000 chips
The boss has two options for the players who placed bets in a round.
Offer: to offer any amount of chips to make the opponent draw from the round.
Challenge: challenge the players directly, and the player with the strongest hand will win the round.
The offered players have three options, accept the offer, ask for a higher amount or challenge the boss.

General Rules

The boss will win the round without revealing cards if all players accept the offer.

If only one player bets in a round, he will immediately win the round.

The boss will win the round if their hand exactly matches the challenger.

If the boss offers a player and the player except, and another player challenges the boss and wins the round, the offered amount will be deducted from the player.

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